Career Counseling

Career counseling is important as it helps you in analyzing factors that might be holding you back from progressing in your professional lives. Getting to know your own strength and weakness from the mentor who has walked several miles on the path that you want to take, can significantly improve your chances of success. Let us help you if you are seeking help in identifying the right career options within IT or/and seeking respective internship experience in that career domain. Start with a simple call to extensive 10-24 weeks of aggressive ambassador program to gain relevant experience and get placed.

Opportunities to collaborate with you :


    • Incubation Setup at your University to instill entrepreneurial mindset and University to attain Innovation KPIs
    • Career Counseling for current / alumni for US work / academic goals
    • Internship Experience based on US projects to be workforce ready in the latest technologies
    • Joining HiEd Toastmasters club to improve soft skills and leverage International Keynote speakers in improving communication skills
    • Personalized / Group mentoring sessions for the students or/and faculty on a monthly basis from International Speakers
    • Streamlining and automating University processes leveraging HiEd Technology Partnerships

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