HiEd Ambassador Program

What is HiEd Ambassador Program?


  • Social initiative: Women and Youth Empowerment
  • Customized Mentoring Program to build on individual strengths
  • Meet the employer needs of Cost-effective skilled resources
  • Provides platform to gain real time work experience on latest technologies.

Targeted Audience:

  • For Women: 2-10+ years IT experience seeking the opportunity after a career break
  • For Youth: STEM background with 1-3 years of professional experience planning to change to IT domain
Preeti has this ability and passion to analyze people’s strengths and weaknesses and guide them in the right direction. She conducts different work-related exercises to engage team members to showcase their strengths and to overcome their weaknesses.

I was playing the role of BA and QA for different projects related to Reporting tool and Workflow automation. They were totally new tools for me, but Preeti and her team provided every knowledge and material I needed to learn and succeed at my job. I would highly recommend anyone who is seeking guidance or a real-time experience to connect with HiEd.
Trupti Patel
Business Analyst, Apex Systems
Preeti provided great support and motivation. She analyzed my technical strengths. I am surprised how she put to use my passion for photography to work. I got to experience working on advanced analytics and reporting in Tableau.

With her constant support and encouragement to learn different technologies, I cracked a tough series of interviews and was proud to be part of a core US consulting firm. I definitely recommend the HiEd Ambassador Program to anyone seeking career guidance and learning experience.
Brijesh Darji
Associate Consultant, Infosys
Fortunate to work with Preeti Tanwar who is an extraordinary entrepreneur and wonderful mentor! She analyzed my skills and passion for data analytics and programming and allowed me to showcase my skills in a project which involved designing and implementing databases on MySQL to building an analytical portal using Dash Plotly.

I also worked on the integration of tableau and YouTube with mobile application platforms and other analytical projects in R for ed-tech companies. It was an extremely knowledgeable experience being on the HiEd Ambassador Program.
Imran Quraishi
Intern, 2019
MBA - Data Sciences & Data Analytics
Doing an internship at HiEd Succes is a great time and the best decision I could have made for my internship. Mentored by Preeti Tanwar and working together with bright-minded people of staff and interns is accelerating one's own urge to contribute. It's great to see how the techniques we learn in our academic course can be very useful in real life and to see where they need to be adjusted for development.

Additionally, I was able to use and expand my experiences in Mobile app integration, Python, PostgreSQL and Angular which gives me a broad learning field I couldn’t have had in other companies. My advice for future interns? Just come and enjoy, be ready to use the freedom you’ll get and work as hard as you can on your own.
Tushar Waydhane
Intern, 2019
MBA - Data Sciences & Data Analytics
Preeti Tanwar as my mentor honed my skill and passion for data science and allowed me to develop a complete project. It was a great experience to handle a data science project life cycle involving Data Extraction, Exploration, Visualization, and Deployment. This helped me improve my Python and data visualization skills using Plotly.

I also worked on a couple of projects like integrating mobile applications with Tableau and YouTube, and Data cleaning and presentation projects for campaign management companies. I would also like to thank Yash Shah for constantly guiding me and keeping us on the right track and the entire HiEd success team who helped me with their experience and skills to complete the projects.
Abhilash Thul
Intern, 2019
MBA - Data Sciences & Data Analytics
Blessed to work with Preeti Tanwar who is a remarkable business visionary and awesome coach! She broke down my aptitudes and enthusiasm for data analytics and business analytics and also guided me for my future career path that is best according to my strengths.

In the time during my internship, my soft skills also developed a lot. It was a very great learning experience being on the HiEd Ambassador Program.
Azeem Khalipha
Intern, 2019
MBA - Data Sciences & Data Analytics
I worked as a VB/.NET developer for 10 years in India. I took a long break as we settle down in the US. I found it so difficult to find a job even though I had 10 years of development experience. Thanks to Preeti. She gave me an opportunity to prove myself once again via her HiEd ambassador program.

Now I am working as a TechLead in HiEd Success. I like HiEd Success because they do not fake your resume but build it by giving hands-on experience. Highly recommend HiEd Ambassador Program
Sonal Chauhan
VBA/.NET Programmer, HiEd Success
I learned about automation using Bplogix and had hands-on experience building databases and reports etc. Also, HiEd success provided me a platform to showcase my skills and supporting me to work on designing and developing applications.

HiEd Success also focuses on the soft skills of employees to boost confidence and now collaborated with Toastmasters to work on this. Excited to be on board full time at the end of my internship!! I'm very thankful to Preeti Tanwar and her team for giving me this opportunity and their constant support.
Prashant Mittal
Developer, HiEd Success
I was a Computer Faculty for 4 years in India and then took a 6-year break while we were settling down in the US. I wanted to restart my career but was disheartened when I couldn't find a job.  Thanks to Preeti for giving me an opportunity and coaching me 1-1.

I learned various current technologies like Tableau, Integration of Tableau with a mobile application, Marketing automation tool, etc. My soft skills have also improved considerably in these 24 weeks with HiEd Success. I absolutely recommend the HiEd Ambassador program!
Malini Singaravelu
Tableau Developer, HiEd Success

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